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Connect. Diagnose. Resolve

Don’t waste time and money trying to handle IT issues on your own, enjoy quick and easy access to an expert team of friendly local professionals with Starcare.

With our Remote Support service our customers receive a more cost effective and timely resolution of their problems. Instead of waiting for one of our support staff to visit you in your home or office, our support tech connects with your computer remotely and is granted access, by you, directly on your computer. Due to this reduction in time and costs associated with mobile technical support we can pass the cost saving on to our customers through the Starcare Subscription.


With our remote support systems, you are 100% in control. Restrictions can be placed on who can request support and you can cancel the remote session at any time. There’s no need to wait for the technician to arrive at your premises and there are no travel cost incurred. Services are delivered directly to your workstation through your Internet connection on demand.

All that is required for you to make use of this service is for your computer to be functioning and be actively connected to the Internet.  Having access to a phone or a microphone active on your computer is handy so we can remain in voice contact with you as your support call is in progress.  It will be as if we are sitting on a chair next to you.

During a Remote Support session, we see exactly the same screen images as are being displayed on your monitor, chat to you about what we see and, at your discretion, we can either guide you through a difficulty over the phone or we can take control of your mouse and keyboard and fix a problem for you.

You’ll also love our managed Antivirus solution and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected. Simply set and forget , we take care of the rest.


Privacy and Security

Remember, you are in control. You must approve our access to your computer on screen before any remote control support can commence. The entire remote support process occurs via an encrypted tunnel, which is technical lingo to say that only you and our support tech can see what is going on.


What’s included?

Starcare’s simple, low monthly subscription includes our Managed Antivirus Solution and Remote Support Agent to your workstation. 

You will also love the guaranteed minimum 10% or more discount offered on service rates.

With Starcare, enjoy hassle free and easy access to an expert team of friendly local professionals!


Adding and removing workstations

Our scalable solution ensure that as your business grows we can ensure you are taken tare of. Workstations can be added to this agreement at any time by contacting one of our friendly Stardot Technology team members.

No lock in contracts

This agreement may be terminated by either party by simply providing 30 days’ notice in writing.


Schedule of Fees12


Minimum request

Savings Vs Casual Rate

 Starcare3  $11.00/month  Per workstation4  
 Service Delivery Agent with anti-virus suite      
 Remote support3  $99.00/hr  6 min  17.5%
 On-site support (1st hour)  $99.00/hr  1 hr 17.5%
 On-site support (after first hour)  $99.00/hr  6 min 17.5%

[1] Labour is charged per 6 minutes or part thereof after the minimum request

[2] Business hours are defined as 0830 to 1730 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

[3] An internet connection is required to use this service and data charges may be applied by your ISP.

[4] A workstation is a computer that is not running a Server Operating System (eg: Windows Server 2016). Servers incur additional fees and we will provide a quote if this is requested.


What's the next step?

Talk to a specialist today by calling 07 3917 7200 or send us an email at

Our techs are standing by ready to handle any issue. With Starcare, the support you need is always just a phone call or an email away!